Recent Before & After Photos

Locally owned company!

Here we have before and after photos of a mould job in Milton, Ontario. This office had not been moved around in years, so when pulling the desk away from the ... READ MORE

Mysterious Incident In Our Office

Yes, we have experienced a strange incident recently, captured here for posterity. On this particular day, somebody unexpectedly left a box of Timbits in the of... READ MORE

Fire contents move-out

This house fire occurred in Eden Mills, Ontario. SERVPRO went in to do contents inventory and move-out. We then moved the contents to our shop and did restora... READ MORE

Home destroyed by fire

These photos are the aftermath of a devastating fire in Dundalk, Ontario. Our crew went in and took inventory of all the items lost by the fire, and salvaged a... READ MORE

Graffiti cleanup!

SERVPRO of Milton and North Oakville does more than just fire, water and mould remediation! We got a call one summer afternoon from a family in Erin, Ontario, ... READ MORE

Start to finish, SERVPRO is there!

This bathroom in Georgetown, Ontario was the result of a subcontractor who left a job unfinished and a family at a loss of what to do, to keep their renovation ... READ MORE

Carpet removal in commercial office

This office space in Milton, Ontario originally had carpets throughout each individual space. As office staff kept smelling a very musty smell, they pulled up ... READ MORE

car fire in Milton, Ontario

These photos show a fence fire in Milton, Ontario, that was the result of a car that some wires with a bad connection, which had overheated and caught on fire l... READ MORE

Sweage backup in Oakville, Ontario

The following photos depict the extent of damage that can be cause by a backup in a commercial bathroom, caused by a clog in a pipe from debris that should not ... READ MORE

Flooded Basement in Ontario!

Storms can be a scary thing, especially as a home owner. When the weather implements a storm warning watch, there is not always something you can do to prevent ... READ MORE