Recent Before & After Photos

Toilet supply line burst in Milton, ON

When a toilet supply line busted in a second floor bathroom of a century home, it didn't only affect that one room. The water leaked through the floor and drip... READ MORE

Storm causes flood in basement

After a heavy rainfall in spring of 2019 in Oakville, Ontario- a basement had a leak in the footing which caused a full demo and reconstruction to be done. Our... READ MORE

Water damage in Milton, Ontario

When a local resident frantically called us at 2am due to the toilet water supply line busting in her second floor washroom, we were quick to respond and get th... READ MORE

Lightning strike fries electrical board

When a lightning storm hit a chicken barn in Caledon, Ontario, all seemed fine. Nothing was visibly wrong! Little did they know, anything electronic was fried ... READ MORE

Commercial Covid Cleanup

After the news that a local company had a confirmed case of COVID-19 in their office, our team quickly got to work to make their workspace safe once again. Our... READ MORE

Drug Cleanup

What happens to cars that have been identified as a bio-hazard with needles and/or drugs found in them? Well, the simple answer- you call us! When we get a call... READ MORE

COVID-19 Cleanup

Is this the new normal? We at SERVPRO of Milton and North Oakville have the equipment, the expertise and the protocols for being your trusted source for Covid-1... READ MORE

Residential cleaning

Did you know, we at SERVPRO of Milton & North Oakville have some of the highest standards when it comes to residential cleaning? We specialize in move-in a... READ MORE

Locally owned company!

Here we have before and after photos of a mould job in Milton, Ontario. This office had not been moved around in years, so when pulling the desk away from the ... READ MORE

Mysterious Incident In Our Office

Yes, we have experienced a strange incident recently, captured here for posterity. On this particular day, somebody unexpectedly left a box of Timbits in the of... READ MORE